Kayakstory from home

So we can still go on kayaking adventures even while staying at home during COVID 19 we’ve launched a #kayakstory where everybody is welcome to continue writing the next chapter.

It’s live on Facebook, but we wanted to share it here as well. If you want to contribute just head on over to our Facebook page or feel free to send us an email and we will include it!


blank This is Kai. Kai loves to kayak and to camp and to fish. Only bears aren’t exactly Kai’s favourite animal, but that’s okay because Kai only kayaks to small islands where no bear can ever get to!
blank After a good night sleep in his tent Kai has breakfast on the rocks overlooking the other islands. Kai takes out his nap and plans for the days adventure.
blank It’s a gorgeous day and Kai decides to head out for a little day paddle.
blank This is Urs. Urs loves to kayak…
blank Urs kayaked for hours trying to find an island with lots of food… Then, the weather changed and the conditions out at sea got very harsh. Urs was approaching an island called ‘kayakers paradise’ when his kayak hit a big rock. His boat sank and he swam to shore. With no boat to get home, Urs was left stranded…
blank Kai arrived back to his island to find Urs stranded on a rock just off shore of his island. Based on his calculations he knew he had 3 more hours until low tide. So he built a fire, made a cup of tea and got to know his new friend Urs from a safe distance of over 2 metres.
blank After tea, Kai decided to go for a paddle. Just at that moment, Urs spotted Kai’s tennis ball, which had been washed off the beach by the now rising tide. More helpful than the average bear, Urs decided to retrieve the ball for his new friend. He bounded into the water, grabbed the ball in his mouth, and swam over to Kai’s kayak. He gently laid his paws on the front deck, and prepared to spit the ball into the cockpit. But Kai misinterpreted Urs’ intentions, and snatched up the harpoon he always kept to hand for hunting dinner and roasting marshmallows. Desperately, Urs tried to explain, but in his excitement, he forgot he still had the ball in his mouth. And, as all Quentin Tarantino fans know, balls make terribly effective gags! Will Urs realize his problem on time?
blank With all the commotion going on Kai forgot that he was not in his stable double kayak that he normally paddles with his friend but that he was all by himself in his (somewhat) tippy single kayak.
Just as he was about to poke Urs with his harpoon he lost his balance and capsized. If only he knew how to roll his kayak back up…
blank Never having taken a rolling lesson all Kai knew about the leg “load and drive” were Urs’s paws doing his bear paddle as he swam circles around the kayak wondering where Kai had gone. Kai watched Urs’s paws upside down after opening his eyes underwater. Soon Urs began to tire and decided to rest his front paws on the hull of Kai’s kayak. To his surprise, the kayak rolled back up and Urs and Kai were immediately face-to-face. Both gasped, but for different reasons!
blank Kai couldn’t believe that Urs had saved him with the “Paw of God” maneuver! Even though Kai was usually afraid of big bears (And Urs was the BIGGEST bear) he knew he had to thank Urs. So, he invited the big bear to hop on the back of his kayak and come for dinner at his campsite.
the story continues… If you want to contribute to the story you can add to it on Facebook or feel free to send us an email and we will include it!


Story and photo credits go to: Jeweliette, Simon, Buzz, Mike D, Philip, Mike G, John, Eva


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