Kayak Touring: Resources

Below are some resources that we find we keep referring to when going on multi-day kayaking trips.

No resources or anything that you can read online replaces training and practice. Before heading out please ensure that you have the kayaking, risk assessment, rescue and navigation skills to keep yourself safe.

We offer a variety of courses both on water and on land that can help you get started or support you in improving your skills. We’re also happy to arrange a private lesson with our knowledgeable instructors so we can support you exactly where you’re at and with what you are looking to learn.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but it is a good starting point. Also, if you have any resources you think we should include please do not hesitate to let us know!


Packing List – everything you need to bring on a kayaking trip.

Sample Float Plan: Word or fillable pdf – Making sure somebody knows where you are

Boat tie-down – How to tie your kayak to your car

Chart Catalogue – so you know which chart you need

Chart 1 – the legend for charts – so you know what all the funny symbols mean

PDF download of Canadian Tide & Current Tables

Tide & Current Tables as pdf or Tide & Current predictions online

Navionics – web app for online charts (also nice for trip planning, as you can measure distances)

BC Marine Trails – a great resource for finding launch sites, campsites and get more information on any paddling area. Please consider becoming a member or donating

Westcoastpaddler – a local online forum with lots of resources and very knowledgeable paddlers who love to share their expertise

Wild Coast Publishing – Absolutely phenomenal books and map sheets of the BC coast for kayakers

Book: Navigation Sea State & Weather – You can buy the book directly from us. Either pick it up in person and get in touch and we are happy to mail you a copy

Transport Canada Sea Kayak Safety Guide


Environment Canada Marine Weather Forecast

Environment Canada Phone Forecast Service

Environment Canada Marine Weather Guide – helpful if using the Marine Weather Forecast to understand the areas and reference points

Windy – website with very localized forecast including wind and waves

Big Wave Dave – local website with wind and wave predictions as well as information on tides and currents

BC Marine Weather Book – An amazing (free) pdf book with information on the local weather patterns to expect in the various regions in BC

National Marine Weather Book – An amazing (free) pdf book that explains a lot of marine weather phenomenons.

Nav Canada Local Weather Manuals – Information on weather patterns in BC (made for aviation, but lots of great information that’s relevant to kayakers (scroll down to “Local Area Weather Manuals”)

UBC Meteorology weather resources for sailing – Lots of marine weather topics explained

Global weather overview & animation – Great way to see High- and Low-Pressure Systems and lots of other useful information and overlays


Please note that in order to use a VHF radio in Canada you must have a ROC-M license. You can obtain your ROC-M license by taking our VHF course.

Useful VHF channels in BC:

  • Channel 16: Distress, Safety and Calling Channel
  • Channels 22A, 83A: Coast Guard Working Channel
  • Channels 06, 09, 67, 68, 69, 72, 73, 87A: working channels that are available for recreational boaters
  • Channel 12: Vancouver Traffic Management
  • Channel 11: Victoria Traffic Management
  • Channel 71: Comox and northern BC Traffic Management
  • Channel 66A: Marinas

Useful fact: You can also reach the Coast Guard by dialing *16 on your cell phone

PDF of Radio Aids to Marine Navigation

Sample laminated emergency card – to be carried with or taped to your VHF radio

Environment Canada Marine Weather Guide – helpful if listening to the weather forecast on your VHF radio

Kayaking Videos

Please refer to our instructional kayaking videos page.

Useful Webcams

Jericho Beach: Located at the Jericho Sailing Centre

Deep Cove: Located right at our Deep Cove Location

Howe Sound: Located in Copper Cove looking towards Anvil Island) -great for checking conditions in Howe Sound

Local Organizations

Paddle Canada – National association for recreational paddling in Canada

BC Marine Trails – Non-Profit organization that organization, that actively supports and maintains public access to the BC coast. Fantastic caretaker program, as well as resources for paddlers planning overnight trips  

Sea Kayak Guides Alliance BC – Non-profit society for sea kayak guides and operators in BC

Sea Kayak Association of BC  SKABC – Vancouver-based Kayaking Club

Pacific International Kayak Association PIKA – Kayaking Club in the Lower Mainland

Coast Wilderness Medical Training – excellent wilderness first aid courses that are really valuable for anybody venturing out on longer trips