Our Social Purpose

“We Exist to Inspire Deeper Connections to the Outdoors and to One Another”

We are proud to be a Social Purpose Company.

This means that we define our reason for being in social terms, and place it at the core of our operations. Our Social Purpose is what powers us and contributes to a better world.

For us that means that we aim to bring deeper connections in 2 key areas:

Humans connecting with the Great Outdoors


We want to foster connections to the Outdoors and to Nature.
This ‘Deeper Connection’ is something we seek as we research ancestral land & history, work with First Nations communities, and educate on the ocean’s biodiversity, the laws of the sea, and what effects we all have on our environment.

In our programs, we aim to support our staff and our customers to connect to the Outdoors by supporting and encouraging each other to connect with, to enjoy, and to appreciate the nature and wildlife we are fortunate to experience.

Through those deeper connections and understanding, we aim to better the Outdoors and inspire our community to help us nurture & protect the environment too.

Humans connecting with one another


We want to foster connections between each other and build a community that is open and welcoming. In our programs we aim to not only take you or to teach you kayaking, but also to bring people together and foster connections.

It is always wonderful if people want to try kayaking for the first time, and what is even more special to us when they come back, and we can call them our friends. We believe community is the glue that holds us all together.



At Jericho Beach Kayak it is at our core that we want to be a welcoming and inclusive place for anybody who wants to try out paddling or wants to be part of our community.

We welcome and offer programs for new paddlers and experienced paddlers alike. We welcome people from all backgrounds, all genders, all bodies, all experiences, all abilities, and all walks of life.

We run several Community Paddles that specifically aim to welcome and provide a low threshold for different paddlers, such as BIPOC Paddles, Pride Paddles, Women on Water and our Social Paddles, but all our programs are inclusive and welcome everybody!
These Community Paddles offer sliding scale pricing to ensure accessibility. We also offer scholarships for our summer camps so youth who might otherwise not have access to kayaking can join us on the water. Additionally, we provide hundreds of gift vouchers on a yearly basis to community groups conducting fundraisers.