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Community Programs at Jericho Beach Kayak

At Jericho Beach Kayak we believe in supporting and fostering a great community. We love kayaking and we love sharing kayaking with folks and bringing people who are passionate about kayaking together. But we also love to use kayaking as a vehicle to create community, to welcome people and to foster connections to one another.

At Jericho Beach Kayak, it is truly important to us to create a welcoming and inclusive place for anybody curious about paddling or wanting to join our community.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddler, we’ve got programs that cater to all. We welcome folks from different backgrounds, genders, body types, experiences, abilities, and walks of life.

Our Community Paddles such as our BIPOC PaddlesPride PaddlesWomen on Water Paddles and our Social Paddles specifically aim to bring people together and to provide a low-threshold opportunity for folks to join us.

Additionally, we are excited to offer kayaking kayaking programs for our Mandarin-speaking community, kayaking programs for families and to support the Wavechaser Paddling race by offering discounted rentals as well as a learn-to-race program.

Come join us on one of our paddles. We would love to see you and welcome you to our community!