Racing is a really fun way to stay fit, develop your technique and have fun with other paddlers.

We are very excited to be supporting the Jericho Wavechaser Series.

Waverchaser is a paddling race series running every second Thursday off the beaches at the Jericho Sailing Centre. The races are open to all level of paddlers in kayak, surfski, outrigger, SUP and prone.

Courses vary depending on conditions, each race night has a short and a long course. Race entry is $10, and for Jericho Sailing Centre members it’s $5! Post race awards and draw prizes follow after the last paddler is in.

For more information please visit: http://wavechaser.jsca.bc.ca/

We’re supporting paddlers who want to join the race by offering significantly discounted kayak and surfski rentals.


Discounted Rentals

As we offer significantly discounted rentals for Wavechaser they can only be reserved one day before the race.
E.g. reservations for the race on June 11 open on June 10th.
Alternatively, you can always reserve a kayak or surfski at the full price several days or weeks in advance.

Single Kayak (Rudder or Skeg)

Double Kayak


*To rent surfskis you must have previously taken an Intro to Surfski lesson (or equivalent)



2 Hours $35 $55

[Prices above do not include taxes]