Glow in the Dark Tour

Rates: $89
Dates: Saturday evenings
Age: 16+


Paddling at night is a beautiful and very unique experience! It is totally different from paddling during the daytime; the water is calm, there is very little boat traffic and noise, and it can be very tranquil.

To make this tour extra special we will light up each kayak with LED lights.

On this 2.5h tour, you will get the chance to just paddle out and enjoy the scenery and night calmness. Our experienced guides will also be able to tell you about the local history, details about the geography of the area, and information about the wildlife that lives in the area.




We are not running our Glow in the Dark kayak tours this year.

But you can join our Full Moon or our Sunset Kayak tours instead!


None, this is a great chance to experience sea kayaking for the first time.

Cancellation Policy

Plans change, things happen. We get it!

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy page to see the notice we need in order to cancel your booking.

In any case, we do appreciate it if you could let us know sooner than later if you are planning to cancel so we can give your spot to somebody else if possible.

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