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School & Youth Groups

Rates: contact us for rates
Dates: at your convenience
Age: 7+


We offer various school and youth group programs or we can create a custom program just for you!


Popular programs include:

Fun Paddle & Games

Join us on the water for a fun filled paddle! This is a great opportunity for students to bond with their class-mates, get introduced to kayaking, have fun working as a team while playing kayaking games and exploring the ocean!



Coastal Exploration & Education

Give your students an opportunity to learn about the ocean environment while being immersed in it! This is a wonderful opportunity to combine a fun-filled kayaking adventure with an educational experience where students will learn about marine biology, the port of Vancouver and the ever-changing marine environment.



Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Skills Certification
Get an in-depth kayaking experience and learn basic boat handling skills as well as safety skills on how to safely get out and how to get back into a kayak in case of a capsize. Upon successful completion of the required skills students can be awarded the national certification of Paddle Canada Basic Kayaking Skills.


Each of these programs can be complemented with our land-based activities, whether it’s beach games, navigation, and an orienteering course, or a marine education session.


Download our School and Youth kayak program brochure