Paddling Progression Clinics

Rates: $99 per clinic, $399 for six
Dates: Tuesdays in June, July & August
Age: 16+

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Do you want to develop your paddling skills? Or are looking for a refresher on what you learned in a previous course? Do you have specific skills you want to learn or focus on and don’t necessarily want to sign up for another full Paddle Canada course?

Then our Paddling Progression Clinics are just what you are looking for!

On Tuesdays nights throughout the summer we will offer 6 different clinics that each focus on one different skill. You can sign up for any of the clinics individually, or you can sign up for the full package where you get all six clinics for the price of four!


$99 per clinic (2.5h)

Or $399 for all 6 clinics (that’s 6 for the price of 4!)

Paddling Progression Clinics

Forward Stroke Refinement

As kayakers, we paddle forward 99% of the time, so having a good forward stroke and efficient technique will make all the difference in how far we can go and how much fun we have.

In this clinic we will refine our forward stroke and work on developing good torso rotating and efficiency so we can have more fun on the water without getting tired.

Re-entry Refresher

It is always good to review and practice our re-entry skills at the beginning of the season so we know we still ‘got it’ when we actually need it.

This is a great opportunity to practice and improve your skill and maybe even learn a new technique.

Please note: you must have previous experience doing wet exits and re-entries!

Greenland Paddling

Are you curious about Greenland Paddles and Greenland Kayaking?

In this course we will learn all about Greenland paddles, what makes them great, how to use them effectively and how we might want to modify our strokes (compared to using a Euro blade) so we get the most out of our Greenland paddle.

Kayak Rolling

Rolling is the best way to recover from a capsize.

In this course, we will learn the body dynamics that go into rolling our kayak back up. We will focus on proper technique over power so everybody can develop a confident roll that will work for them.

Advanced Strokes

There are a lot of different strokes out there that allow us to maneuver our kayak very precisely and with minimal strength. If you have ever been curious to learn bow rudders, low brace turns and other fun strokes, then join us a night of experimenting and learning new strokes!

Try Surfskiing

Surfskis are fantastic if you want to develop your stroke technique, want to cut through the waves (and eventually surf them), work on your cardio, or just enjoy trying something new.

In this course we will introduce surfskis, learn how to paddle them comfortably and confidently and what to do if we were to capsize.

Paddling Progression Package

Sign up for the full package and spend the summer refining your skills, learning new skills and trying out something new altogether! With the package, you get all six clinics for the price of four!

Package A:

  • Tuesday evenings from 6-8:30pm
  • June 4 to July 9

Package B:

  • Tuesday evenings from 6-8:30pm
  • July 16 to August 20

Course Overview

  • Night 1: Forward Stroke Refinement
  • Night 2: Re-entry Refresher
  • Night 3: Greenland Paddling (in package B, Night 5)
  • Night 4: Kayak Rolling
  • Night 5: Advanced Strokes (in package B Night 3)
  • Night 6: Try Surfskiing


These clinics (as well as the full package) are for kayakers with previous paddling experience and who have taken lessons in the past 3 years.

You must previously have at least taken Paddle Canada Basic Skills Certification (including wet exits and assisted re-entries) or equivalent.


Before booking the program please read, understand and sign our waiver.

Cancellation Policy

Plans change, things happen. We get it!

Please refer to our Cancellation Policy page to see the notice we need in order to cancel your booking.

In any case, we do appreciate it if you could let us know sooner than later if you are planning to cancel so we can give your spot to somebody else if possible.