Off-site Kayak Rental

Do you want to experience the beauty of BC’s coast on a multi-day trip?

Whether you want to paddle in the Gulf Islands, in Desolation Sound or the Broken Group we are happy to set you up with a kayak rental and send you on your way!

Or do you want to take one of our kayaks off-site just for the day?

We offer quality touring kayaks, both single and double kayaks with all the needed equipment.


  • Single Kayaks: $110 for the first 24h, $55 for each subsequent 24h period
  • Double Kayaks: $145 for the first 24h, $70 for each additional 24h period

New for 2023 onwards: Our prices are now for 24h periods. So if you pick up a kayak on Friday at 4pm and you return it on Sunday before 4pm you will only be charged for two days (or two 24h periods).

Please note that the rental periods will not be pro-rated. So for example, if you pick up a kayak at 4pm on Friday and bring it back on 7pm on Sunday you will be charged for three days (or three 24h periods).

Please note:

  • Your car needs to be equipped with a roof rack with cross bars, however, you don’t need a kayak rack, we have foam pads you can rent from us for $10. You will need to bring your own straps
  • Our overnight double kayaks are 22′ long(!) so your cross bars need to be spaced at least 50″ apart
  • Your car needs to have mounting points underneath where bow and stern tethers can be secured
  • You need to know how to safely tie-down the kayak on your roof. MEC has a good description on how to secure a kayak on your roof.
  • You CANNOT paddle directly from Jericho Beach on an overnight trip.

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