Kayaking Videos & Movies

Are you hunkering down indoors and only dreaming of kayaking these days?
We’ve compiled a list of some really great kayaking films and movies to get your inspired and planning for some upcoming trips.

Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown
The ultimate kayak coaching films. Fun fact: Gordon Brown recently moved from the Isle of Skye (Scotland) to Vancouver Island. I met him at PPS last year and he is a really inspiring and great coach and absolutely hilarious at the same time.

This is the Sea
Justine Curgenven (another Brit who recently moved to Vancouver Island) pretty much re-invented sea kayak films in 2004 by taking the camera right into the action. Her films are pretty cool and fun to watch but also play a major role in showing the adventures of sea kayaking to the wider world. Apart from being a pretty good videographer and great and funny storyteller she’s a really accomplished kayaker herself who’s circumnavigated several (larger) islands and done a bunch of other super cool expeditions.

The Pipedreams Project
Two of our Ecomarine instructors paddled from Kitimat to Vancouver to oppose the Enbridge Pipeline which would have connected Alberta’s Tar Sands to Kitimat BC. This film is about way more than kayaking. It is about the local communities and how national policies affect them and the environment.

Paddle to the Ocean
The story of Zac Crouse whose best friend died in an accident while kayaking together. He decides to tackle his PTSD by paddling (and biking) from Ottawa to Halifax.
It’s for free on vimeo ?

Paddle to Seattle
Who of us hasn’t dreamed of paddling the Inside Passage? This is a pretty cool film of two guys who first built their own kayaks and then paddled from Alaska to Seattle.

Kayak free Kayaking
A really funny short 5min parody making fun of adventure films by show-casing kayaking without a kayak.

Reel Paddling Film Festival Films:
This is a pretty cool (and somewhat niche) festival with only paddling films (so also canoes, whitewater kayaks, SUPs, etc.). I haven’t seen all of them, but a bunch of them and most are really good!


Local Kayaking Trips

Our instructor Mike McHolm documents a lot of the paddling he does. There are both day trips as well as multi-day kayaking trips around BC. They are fun to watch and a great resource to get idea on where to paddle next.