Improve your Forward Stroke with Freya Hoffmeister

Rates: $99
Dates: July 8
Age: 16+


Improve your forward stroke with paddling legend Freya Hoffmeister!

If there is one thing Freya knows it’s paddling forward!
Freya Hoffmeister named National Geographic’s “Adventurer of the Year” (among many other awards) doesn’t just circumnavigate islands or even countries like ‘normal’ people. She circumnavigates entire continents by kayak!
After circumnavigating Australia and South America she is currently circumnavigating North America.
Before continuing her trip in the Northwest Territories she is stopping by Vancouver and we have the honour to host her here at Jericho Beach Kayak!
In this clinic, Freya will share details on her boat and paddle choices for her mindblowing expeditions, and go over her unique technique for paddling efficiently over long distances!

This lesson is designed to enhance your forward stroke efficiency, with an exclusive 2-hour, on-water lesson, with a VERY SPECIAL guest instructor: Freya Hoffmeister!!!


About the Course

In this 2-hour-clinic you will learn how to paddle easier, more powerfully, and more efficiently so you can save energy and you will be able to paddle further.

You will learn the key concepts of an efficient forward stroke through both on-land and on-water exercises and drills.

Freya will give you personalized feedback on the key changes you can develop to allow you to move your kayak more efficiently and have more fun paddling!



$99 (plus tax)


Date & Time

July 8

  • 10am – 12pm
  • 1:30-3:30pm



Previous Kayaking experience is required. Paddle Canada Level 1 skills or higher are recommended.


More Details about Freya Hoffmeister

Freya Hoffmeister, a living legend in the world of adventure and kayaking. With an insatiable thirst for exploration, Freya has accomplished what few can even fathom—solo paddling around (so far) two-and-a-half entire continents. Her audacious circumnavigations of Australia, South America, and now North America have earned her prestigious titles, including “THE WORLD PADDLE AWARD”.

What sets Freya apart is not just her remarkable achievements, but her unrivalled expertise in paddling efficiently over vast distances. She has mastered the art of the forward stroke, propelling herself through challenging waters with remarkable speed and grace. Freya’s meticulous approach to choosing the right equipment, her flawless technique, and her unwavering determination make her the ideal mentor for anyone seeking to improve their own paddling skills.

When you learn from Freya, you’re not just learning from a seasoned adventurer, but from someone who has spent countless hours honing her craft. Her invaluable insights and firsthand experience will empower you to paddle more efficiently, covering longer distances with ease and precision. Whether you’re an aspiring adventurer or a recreational paddler, Freya Hoffmeister is the perfect person to guide you on your journey toward mastering the art of efficient paddling!



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