Level 2 Kayaking

Rates: $549
Dates: June, August & October
Age: 16+


Paddle Canada Level Two Sea Kayaking Skills Series is a gateway to an exciting progression of sea kayak touring and overnight trips in the many amazing yet challenging Canadian kayaking destinations.

Participation in this two-weekend program will allow you to develop and assess your skill and comprehension necessary for proficient overnight kayak touring in moderate sea conditions. Includes instruction and assessment of touring skills, risk assessment, bracing, maneuvering strokes, combined strokes, sustained paddling and introduction to rolling.

The course runs over two weekends (4 days total) from 9 am – 5 pm at Jericho Beach.

Upon successful completion of all skills, you will receive your Paddle Canada Level 2 Kayaking Certification.




Discounted kayak rental is available for $99 for the duration of the course.



  • June 6 + 7  and June 20 + 21 | 9am – 5pm at Jericho Beach
  • August 15 + 16  and August 29 + 30 | 9am – 5pm at Jericho Beach
  • October 3 + 4 and 24 + 25 | 9am – 5pm at Jericho Beach



This course covers a broad range of skills and is not suitable for a first time paddler, as such the following prerequisite skills/experience must be met.

Paddle Canada Level-1 Skills certification or equivalent skill and knowledge.

Experience: At least 3, one day long, kayaking trips in different locations.

Wilderness First Aid with CPR strongly recommended.
We highly recommend Coast Wilderness Medical Training.