Online VHF Radio Course

Rates: $179
Dates: May 28, June 25, August 3, September 17
Age: 16+


Do you love kayaking, yachting or powerboating and want to get ready to get on the water safely?

One of the most useful safety tools while being on the water is a VHF radio.

To operate a marine VHF radio in Canada you are legally required to have a ROC-M (Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime)).

During this pandemic we have received special permission from Canada Sail and Power Squadron to offer VHF courses and testing online.

We will offer an online seminar where we cover all the content of the course. In this online course, we will both prepare you for the ROC (M) exam, and equip you with practical working knowledge of VHF radios and marine safety procedures.

Students can choose* whether they want to write the exam in-person* (at our location in Vancouver), or via a one on one online session.

*due to the current Covid situation we are only offering online exams at this point.


Upon passing the test at the end of the course you will be issued the Restricted Operators Certificate (Maritime) ROC – M with DSC endorsement which is good for life.


Please note: You do NOT need a radio in order to take the course. We actually recommend holding off buying a radio (if you don’t already have one) until after the course as you will have a better sense of what radio is right for you.



$179 (includes the printed book (sent by mail*), license & test fee, as well as the instruction)

*Regular mail within Canada is included in the price. If you live abroad we can arrange to mail the book to you, but you will have to pay for postage and we cannot guarantee the delivery times


2022 Dates

The instructional portion of the course will be offered in one evening:

  • Saturday, March 26 (1-4pm PDT)
  • Tuesday, May 3 (6PM-9PM PDT)
  • Saturday, May 28 (1-4pm PDT)
  • Saturday, June 25 (1-4pm PDT)
  • Wednesday, August 3 (6-9pm PDT)
  • Saturday, September 17 (1-4pm PDT)


Students will receive a printed book (sent by mail*).

Students will have the option of an in-person exam or an online 1:1 exam.
We will contact you after you signed up for your course to coordinate the exam sign-up.





Here’s What Some of Our Customers Say about the VHF Course:

Jordan G: I’d also like to say a special thank you to Philip. I really enjoyed the course and the online exam, and it was because Philip made the subject matter engaging, fun, informative, and was extremely patient with all the questions our group threw at him. He did an excellent job.
I’d absolutely recommend Jericho for anyone looking to do their VHF Radio Cert.


Mike M: [The Instructor] knows this material like the back of his hand, but he was also very professional and welcoming, elaborated on the slides without parroting them, and gave me and I’m sure the other students a much better, sort of practical-feeling grasp of the material. I was genuinely worried I wouldn’t be able to absorb everything in the manual, but this has really helped in that regard.