Paddling in English Bay

We are incredibly lucky for the beautiful waters that we get to paddle in right here from Jericho Beach.

We have compiled some information on what to expect when paddling in English Bay.


Where to go

Go into the wind

Distances to Kits Beach





Where not to go

First Narrows Traffic Control Zone. 
Source: Updates to Port Information Guide

The Port of Vancouver has implemented a Traffic Control Zone near the Lions Gate Bridge which prohibits kayakers from paddling in that area.

Please refer to the graphics below if you are considering to paddle to Ambleside and ensure you stay out of the Traffic Control Zone.

Even when staying west of the Traffic Control Zone general common sense applies when crossing a busy shipping channel: stay as a group, stay away and out of the way of other boats and freighters, do not cross in poor visibility, cross directly, in a clear line and do not pause or linger.







Please refer to the excerpt below from the Port Information Guide on details in regards to the Traffic Control Zone.

The First Narrows Traffic Control Zone (TCZ-1) comprises an area enclosed:

  • To the northwest by a line drawn from the north pier of the Lions Gate Bridge through Capilano Light, intersecting a line drawn due north from Ferguson Point at position 49°19’22”N & 123°09’32”W;
  • To the southwest by a line drawn from Prospect Point, along the Stanley Park seawall, intersecting a line drawn due north from Ferguson Point at position 49°18’40”N & 123°09’32”W;
  • To the east by a line drawn from Brockton Point off Stanley Park to Burnaby Shoal, then north to the eastern edge of Fibreco Dock.


Source: Port Information Guide (page 67)