Full Moon Kayak Tour

Rates: $79
Dates: Select evenings during the full moon
Age: 16+


Jericho Beach Park is located just 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver, but it’s home to an incredible variety of wildlife. Explore the water during the full moon, and you’ll see a totally different world than you do while paddling during the day.

During this 2.5h tour we will see the moon rise and paddle to the glow of a stunning Vancouver skyline while we paddle through the smooth night waters off Jericho beach. This magical experience is only available for a few days each month, so book your tour now!





2021 Dates

Select evenings during the full moon:

  • May 26 (Wednesday): 9-11:30pm
  • May 27 (Thursday): 9-11:30pm
  • June 24 (Thursday): 9-11:30pm
  • June 25 (Friday): 9-11:30pm
  • July 23 (Friday): 9-11:30pm
  • July 24 (Saturday): 9-11:30pm
  • August 21 (Saturday): 8:30-10pm
  • August 22 (Sunday): 8:30-10pm
  • September 19 (Sunday): 7-9:30pm
  • September 20 (Monday): 7-9:30pm



None, this is a great chance to experience sea kayaking for the first time.