Winter Paddling

Rates: $59
Dates: Saturdays, 1-3pm
Age: 16+


Do you want to continue kayaking throughout the off-season?

Join us every Saturday for a group paddle right from Jericho Beach.
English Bay is beautiful in the winter, even on rainy days, as it is beautifully calm and serene. On top of that, there are few other boats sometimes great views of our beautiful snow-capped mountains, crystal clear water, and last but not least even free parking.

Please make sure you are dressed for the weather and the water.



$59 per person


Every Saturday from October to April from 1-3pm.


What is included/what do I need to bring:

We provide the kayak with all the safety gear, PFD and paddle. We also provide a wetsuit as well as a paddling jacket.
All you need to bring is some clothing* to wear under (and potentially over) the wetsuit to keep yourself warm and comfortable, as well as footwear that can get wet (neoprene booties, rubber boots, old sneakers with wool socks, hiking boots).
If it is cold people also like to wear a toque and/or gloves.
*All clothing should be wool or synthetic so it does not get cold when it is wet.