Intermediate Skills Camp

Rates: $250
Dates: Week of July 19 and week of August 16
Age: Ages: 12-15


This camp is for youth ages 12-15 who have completed the Beginner Skills Kayak Camp or the Full Day Camp and are ready to move on to the next skill level.

We will move into intermediate paddling skills where participants discover their edge, develop grace while handling an ocean kayak and might even start to learn how to roll their kayak. Participants also explore communication, navigation and seamanship in the ocean environment which prepares them to go on kayaking daytrips.


Use of kayaks, wetsuits, and other equipment is included. Nationally recognized, Paddle Canada Level 1 Sea Kayak Skills Certification is also included for those that complete the required skills (weather dependent).



5 half-day camps: $250


2021 Dates

  • July 19-23: 1pm-4pm
  • August 16-20: 1pm-4pm



Participants must have previously achieved Paddle Canada Basic Kayak skills certification in Beginner Skills Camp.